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Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Presence 
It was one of those days when the light was just perfect,crystal clear and you could see for miles.
This image was taken from the shore line of Llyn y Dywarchen close to the small village of Rhyd Ddu, it shows Snowdon and the cliffs of Llechog falling into the cwm .I was born and bought up with this view as a child and I am often drawn back to it as a photographer.Although I have ommited the classic "Island View" of this lake I prefer this viwepoint as it is a little different to the norm.There are a couple of derelict buildings here which add to the foreground interest, the one shown in this image is an old barn and to the left of this image is the remains of the farmhouse (see other posted image)
 The island itself is also interesting and is mentioned in Geraldus of Wales's history, it is also very mythical and has local tales of Tylwyth Teg (Fairy People).Edmund Halley (1656-1742) the Astronomer Royal also visited the area and swam out to the island .

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